Who is Kris Brkljac: Meet Stana Katic’s Husband

Who is Kris Brkljac: Meet Stana Katic's Husband

Renowned actress, Stana Katic, an American actor, is popular for her roles in the 2008 James Bond blockbuster “Quantum Of Solace” and Kate Beckett in the ABC television romance mystery series “Castle,” is now married to Kris Brkljac. He is an American-born billionaire who was born in Australia. He is renowned for his pioneering efforts in the finance industry and his work as an independent adviser and strategist. 

He formerly held the position of vice president of sales and marketing at the Florida-based software firm Dispute Suite, and currently runs a business, specializing in foreign sales and development. He made a screen appearance in 2013’s Castle television show and 2017’s Lost In Florence film, both of which also starred his wife Stana.

Read this article to know more about Kris Brkljac’s biography, career, personal life, and more. 

Kris Brkljac’s Biography

Kris Srboljub Brkljac was born on October 7th in Sydney, Australia. His ancestors moved to Australia from Serbia, where they were born, many years ago in quest of better lands. Stana was born a Serbo-Croatian, and Kris has Australian citizenship and Serbian heritage. She is a Libra and a religious devotee. 

Kris’ brothers are Dragoljub and Milan Brkljac. He decided to relocate from Australia to the United States at the age of 21 in pursuit of improved employment prospects. After arriving in America, he experienced some hardship. Even though he was having a hard time in his new nation, he was committed to succeeding in business. His tale transformed from the story of Grass to Grace within the first five years of leaving the streets. 

After completing his primary education in Sydney, Kris continued his education by enrolling in a university in the United States to pursue communication media law. Before transitioning to a position as a credit strategist, he spent some time working as a private expert. He enjoys hiking, foreign politics, health and well-being, culinary magic, and martial arts. He also loves animals very much. 

Rise to Stardom

Kris Brkljac, who has a background in communication media law, chose to relocate from Sydney to New York in his early years because he is constantly looking for adventure and a challenge. However, based on his LinkedIn page, which is only visible in the CrunchBase screenshot, he experienced a difficult period shortly after arriving in the country. He was street-living in New York City when he was 21 years old, and became successful within five years. In a brief time, he went from living on the streets to marketing his own business, which is nothing more than an inspiring rags-to-riches tale. 

He frequently compares his existence to a screenplay and believes it to be so. He quickly got engaged in a love relationship with Hollywood actress Stana Katic, which is an interesting fact about his private life and has been more than the subject of a movie. Stana has social media accounts, but she rarely posts about her relationship with Kris Brkljac, who is an introverted individual. This helps to conceal the romance. Before getting betrothed and marrying, the pair was only ever photographed together once. Despite having little online presence, Kris was the focus of reporters after their April 2015 wedding.

Professional Career

In his capacity as a chief executive planner for Fortune 500 companies, Kris Brkljac frequently interacted with clients who were having difficulty coming up with a workable and pertinent credit strategy. This inspired him to pursue a new job path in the finance industry, which was uncharted territory for him. He worked with Jim Rivette and Robert Ellerman, and together they rose to the top of the field of credit restoration thinking and innovation. In 2006, he was working at Dispute Suite as a vice president of sales. He now runs a business that deals with foreign sales and development, according to the most recent reports.

Family & Personal Life

Stana was born on April 26, 1978, in Hamilton, Ontario, to Croatian and Serbian immigrants Petar and Rada Katic. The famous actor finished her schooling at the College of Toronto in addition to the DePaul Goodman School of Drama, from which she received a certificate in acting in 2002. Katic has four brothers. She is of ethnic Serbian and Croatian heritage and holds dual American and holds Canadian citizenship.

Her parts as Hana Gitelman in the heroic drama Heroes and Collette Stenger in the action-packed drama series 24, are just two examples of Stana Katic’s standout performances. Kris Srboljub Brkljac was born in Sydney, Australia. His parents moved to Australia many years ago in pursuit of “greener pastures” even though they are initially from Serbia. Milan and Dragoljub are his brothers. He came to the nation when he was young in search of better job prospects, and despite struggling in his new home throughout his early 20s, he quickly found success in the business world. 

He holds a degree in communication media law from an institution. He enjoys a variety of interests, such as martial arts, anthropology of culture, health and well-being, cooking, wizardry, hiking, and world events. Kris Brkljac allegedly knew Marko Katic from his job in the business world and introduced him to famous actress Stana via him. Despite a short separation in the 2000s, they were together over a long period and reconciled in 2007. When they went to attend the 2012 Elton John Award-watching celebration in Los Angeles in February 2012, it was the first time they were photographed together. In the episode “Castle: Death Gone Crazy” of her television program “Castle” in 2013, he made a cameo. 

2014 saw the couple declare their engagement, and the following year, on April 25, 2015—one day before she turned 37—they wed in a small ceremony during an Orthodox Serbian family church on Croatia’s Dalmatian shore. Stana was born Serbo-Croatian, while Kris is of Serbian descent. Her spokesperson verified the union and shared a photo of the engagement band along with the news. It was previously believed that the actor was seeing her ‘Castle’ share a role with Nathan Fillion, who she marries during the show; nevertheless, she disproved the allegations in style by getting hitched to her long-standing partner.

Kris Brkljac Net Worth

He is a well-known businessman and performer, and his net worth is believed to be around $5 million. He works as a full-time businessman as well as a performer, which is his main source of income. Stana, his wife, is valued somewhere around $12 million. 

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