Susan Calman Biography, Marriage, Career and Strictly Come Dancing

Susan Calman, a Scottish comedian gained appreciation after she reached the semi-finals of the BBC New Comedy Awards show in 2005. She won the Best New Scottish Comedian title in 2009 in the Real Radio Variety Awards. Susan debuted Radio 4 solo series in 2013 named Susan Calman is Convicted and won the best Radio Comedy Award at the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain Awards.

About Susan Calman

Born on 6th November 1974, Susan Grace Calman is a television presenter, panellist and a writer who have done many famous shows like I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, The News Quiz and BBC Radio 4. Some of her popular television presentations include the CBBC programme Extreme School and Disaster Chefs. She is the team leader of BBC Northern Ireland’s comedy panel program named bad language. More recently, Susan Calman became a contestant in Strictly Come Dancing of BBC 2020 and became 7th in the show.

Susan Calman Education and legal career

Susan Calman studied in the High School of Glasgow and completed her law studies at the University of Glasgow. She won the Judge Brennan scholarship along with a three-month internship in North Carolina to work with criminals on death row. Calman was also awarded an honorary degree by her university in 2018 for working well in comedy and broadcasting along with campaigning on issues related to LGBTQ mental and civil rights.

Susan Calman spent 7 years in corporate law and remained dissatisfied with her work since she believed more in freedom of information and data protection. She developed her stand-up comedy talent in the evenings and gradually left the job she did for Dundas and Wilson. She focused more on her passion i.e., her career in stand-up comedy.

Susan Calman Personal life

Susan Calman father Sir Kenneth is an oncologist and her mother Ann Wilkie is former primary school deputy head. Susan’s father was chancellor of the University of Glasgow and a medical officer in Scotland, England and Wales. Susan has one sister and an elder brother.

In 1993, Susan admitted that she was a lesbian at an age of 19 and had spoken about her struggles for being gay in Glasgow. During one of her statements, she claimed, “It wasn’t easy, not at all. Glasgow is a lovely city, but when I was growing up there was one lesbian bar, and there was a club for men, but there was no internet, there was no way of finding out [about other people].”

Calman and her partner Lee Cormack seems to be together for more than nine years. Lee is also a lawyer and joined the civil partnership ceremony in 2012. The couple married in 2016. Till 2018, they have adopted 5 cats since they both love spending time with them in their Glasgow home.

How does Susan Calman wife Lee Cormack add positivity to Susan’s Life?

Susan Calman had discussed her sexuality in her teens. Though she was raised in a conservative society that rejected homosexuality. The law always banned homosexuality promotion and since the internet was not common those days, she found difficulties in meeting with a lot of homosexual people in her teens

Susan met Lee in 2002 and started dating till they became civil partners. They both tied a knot in 2015 which is claimed to be the happiest day in Susan Calman’s life. During one of her interviews, Susan said that if she was asked to go back to any of her life’s moments, it will be her wedding day with Lee in Glasgow.

According to Susan, her success cannot be imagined without Lee since she had always brought optimism into Susan’s life. Lee quit her Lawyer’s job for Susan to involve in an industry she was unaware of.

Susan Calman role in uplifting LGBTQ community and Strictly Come Dancing

At the tender age of 19, Susan Calman went to university and found an inclusive and accepting environment. Though, the country lawmakers resisted their push towards recognising the LGBTQ community. The resistance and reluctance shown by lawmakers made Susan determined to turn into an activist and her efforts became fruitful when same-sex marriage became legal in her home country.

Since she had raised a strong voice in favour of the LGBTQ community, Susan was often criticised to pick a male partner for her dance competition in Strictly Come Dancing on BBC. She replied, “For the gay community to criticize me and try to get me what they want to do is, I think, as difficult as suggesting the straight community are trying to. No one is holding me, hostage, in this room, making me wear a dress and dance with a man. I want to learn how to dance… I have protested, I have picketed, I have fought, I have been spat on, I have been punched – and I want to dance.”

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