Real Story of Sonia Sutcliffe: Most Gruesome Chapter in Britain Criminal History

The ex-wife of Peter Sutcliffe, Yorkshire Ripper was seen in her marital house which she never let go of or sell-off. This was the home where the Sutcliffe couple stayed together during the peak when the killing took place. This is the home where The Ripper ex-wife was found one night before he died!

It is still mysterious to find out whether Sonia Sutcliffe will sell or move into her house which is closely attached to the most gruesome and bloodiest killing in Britain’s Criminal History. Talking about The Ripper’s ex-wife Sonia Sutcliffe, the documentary filmmaker Jesse Vile and Elena Wood has made many series about the murders which took place in Manchester and West Yorkshire between 1975 and 1980. The Netflix production is all set to find out what happened in real while two of the series focuses completely on their marred life. Let’s find out what happened in Sonia Sutcliffe’s life in brief.

Chapter 1: Sonia Sutcliffe now

Aged 70 years, Sonia Sutcliffe has always stood by her love, Peter Sutcliffe even after he confessed about the gruesome crimes, he committed all by himself. She did not divorce him either until The Ripper was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment in 1981.

She rather stood by a pebble-dashed home in Bradford despite the property has links to the murders. Sonia Sutcliffe states, ‘Nothing bad has ever happened to me here.’ And that it was her home after all. Even the Land Registry officials found the records about the Heaton’s area house which remains registered under the joint names of the couple.

Chapter 2: Sonia Sutcliffe remarriage

After her divorce from The Ripper, Sonia Sutcliffe remarried Michael Woodward who was a hairdresser. She moved with him in her first-floor apartment at Shipley.

Even though she claims her remarriage to be a healthy one, her neighbours reported that she never spoke with any of them. She frequently returned to the old home that she shared with her ex-husband and a serial killer. One of her neighbours claimed, ‘I saw her there on Thursday night.’

Chapter 3: Sonia Sutcliffe marriage to Lorry Driver Sutcliffe

Sonia Sutcliffe is the daughter of Polish and Ukrainian refugees. Her maiden name being Sonia Szurma first met Peter Sutcliffe in a pub disco Royal Standard in 1966 in Bradford’s red-light area. They got engaged a year later and married on 10th August 1974. In 1977, the couple shifted to a house which cost them around 16,000 euros. Just after five days, Sutcliffe committed his 6th murder.

Former lorry driver Peter Sutcliffe murdered 13 women in North-West England and Yorkshire. He died in a hospital where he refused to get treated for COVID-19. He was suffering from other health issues also.

Chapter 4: Murders and deceit 

Every time Sutcliffe murdered a woman, he crept back to his house in the early hours to wash off blood-stained clothes and eat meals prepared by Sonia Sutcliffe. Once he had killed 42 years old sex worker by stabbing her 52 times. Every murder committed by Sutcliffe was more horrific than the previous one. He mostly murdered at night, in cities and across the towns.

During investigations made on murders, Sutcliffe was questioned 9 times but each time, he was freed. Finally, in May 1981 he was caught and also found guilty to attempt to murder 7 women. He was sent to Broadmoor hospital for three decades before he was shifted in 2016 to HMP Frankland in County Durham.

For murders, he usually carried an arsenal of hammers, screwdrivers and knives which he kept in his garage. All the evidence were burnt by him in his garden after the murders. Even after 4 decades, the garage, kitchen and garden seem unaltered except for curtains and nets which have turned grey.

Chapter 5: Sonia Sutcliffe, Crazy or Insane?

Even after remarrying, Sonia Sutcliffe was seen regularly in her old house and she never exchanged the smallest pleasantry with neighbours. Even during investigations, when officers questioned Sonia about the murders, she maintained silence and claimed that she was unaware that her husband was a psychopath.

When the lorry driver was found guilty, Sonia Sutcliffe stood by him. She was confronted with the reality in 1981 after her husband’s arrest and asked what was going on. Peter Sutcliffe replied, ‘It’s me, love,’, ‘I’m the Yorkshire Ripper. I killed all those women.’

Sonia slipped back to her house quickly after the trial and when her husband was sentenced to 20 years. It is said that Sutcliffe was obsessed with his wife till the day he died. He had even named her as his next kin.

Despite divorcing Peter Sutcliffe in 1994, Sonia arranged his funeral and is expected to inherit her husband’s possession. Though, her husband, Woodward never moved to her old house to date. She chooses to live in her odd existence or is unwilling to let go of her past. At present, she stays in the house where one of the bloodiest and gruesome killings took place in Britain’s Criminal History.

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