Mindfulness Hacks That Can Lower Your Stress From Everyday Life


Constant stress comes with many health risks and is unpleasant. When you are highly stressed, your body tends to go into a fight or a flight mode. This phenomenon has indeed made today’s millennia survive under extreme conditions. According to American Psychological Association Annual Survey, more than 2/3rd of Americans report that work is the root cause behind stress in their everyday life whereas 20% of European employees feel difficulties in the workplace (Giardina, 2014). Since no person is immune to stress, studies recommend trying mindfulness hacks that can lower stress from everyday life.

How Can Mindfulness Hacks Lower Your Stress?

Mindfulness is all about paying attention to your everyday life and things which you generally rush through. It is about turning down the pace of your mind by emphasising more on your body.

Proponents of mindfulness believe that virtually every human benefit from being more mindful. Davis and Hayes (2012) stated some of the proved benefits behind mindfulness. These include objectivity, self-control, enhanced flexibility, improved concentration, affective tolerance, emotional intelligence and mental clarity among a few other.

But are mindfulness hacks as good as advertised? This article will shed light upon a few mindfulness hacks and discuss its implications for lowering stress in everyday life.

5 Mindfulness Hacks for Everyday Life to Lower Your Stress

Focus on one work at a time

Your everyday to-do-list can comprise many things. Set a timer for five minutes to give your work undivided and complete attention. Do not check your phone even or click on notifications. This means, absolutely no multitasking. Let the chosen task take the prime stage until your timer goes off.

Standing in an upright posture

A good position such as upright or straight posture when sitting or standing can circulate and lift your oxygen levels in the blood. Your body posture has the potential to elevate your mood just like smiling does. Power posing is another technique which is standing in a confident posture even when you are not confident about something. This changes your body position and impacts performance positively.

Log out your social media accounts and keep your phone behind

Do you need your phone while you walk to the other rooms, bathroom or when to sit to eat? Leave aside your phone. Instead of worrying about it, concentrate on your eating, breathing and sitting habits. Overall, you need to have a look at yourself and let your phone rest until you’re done. Moreover, social media not only contribute to your stress and anxiety but also interrupt your productivity level. So, LOG OUT!

Doodle or Colour

One of the effective mindfulness hacks is to take out some time for doodling or colouring from your busy schedule. You will get creative juices flowing in your mind. Invest in a colour book or fill out some blank pages.

Mindfulness practice or a guided meditation

Meditation is one of the mindfulness hacks that can be practised easily just like opening an app on your mobile phone. Some of the inexpensive ways to practice guided mediation are online apps and programs that can dip your toe in regular practice without investing much time. Meditation apps are a great place to start a mindfulness practice.

Final thoughts

Now that you have some mindfulness hacks for everyday life to lower your stress, you may feel good already. Although every hack may not work for every person, you can try different techniques to find what works best for you. Why not take a few minutes every day to check-in and indulge in some mindfulness practice that you enjoy?

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