How to stay fit while eating desserts

Health concern has become a major routine for all. Keeping in mind, the portion we have is important. However irresistible people are bound to follow their mind and not the heart. This problem can be solved if we follow certain diet rules provided, we want to stay fit while eating desserts. After a heavy workout or hard day having a dessert keeps us satiated. Having some desserts after dinner helps us sound asleep and wake energetically in the morning. Overall, it gives us a nice feeling.  

Including fruits in our desserts is a way to keep the dessert healthy. As the fruits are rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, it is very beneficial to consume fruit-oriented desserts. Both dried and fresh fruits are natural options to make a dessert healthier as well as they also quench our hunger for sweets. People who practice intensive workouts can get energized with healthy fruit desserts and drinks.

Choose healthier dessert to stay fit while eating them

Whether it be a fruit yogurt, a brownie, or an almond cake, a dessert is a dessert. One can gather information on the desserts we have, for instance, a fruit yogurt is much healthier than a chocolate cake. Some very good nutritious options are available which keeps our calorie count ladder low. The list is endless when it comes to sweets with high sugar content and fat, which we must avoid for our health concerns. So we can choose between a nutritious and high sugar sweet if are to have it regularly. Fruit drinks are also the best option after breakfast or supper. Different flavors are available which can enhance our taste buds.

Shorten your dessert Portion

It’s always better to have less amount of desserts. Instead of having a large piece of cake, we can indulge in having a small portion by distributing it to our friends. We can have a few pieces of Cadbury from the bar our friend has gifted while sharing the remaining with someone else who wants it. While partying or at home, we must not indulge in having repeated servings of the desserts laid. Awareness of using small tricks while consuming dessert can benefit us and stop us from consuming high-calorie food. In this way, we can stay fit while having desserts.

Bake by using alternative ingredients

The use of Jaggery in sweets is now becoming widespread, as it’s much healthier and a better alternative to sugar. Coconut milk instead of milk and also using toned milk. Instead of egg, the use of egg whites is much preferable. Less use of oil or butter and replacing it with apple sauce is a better option . . Dark chocolates are healthier than cheesecake. If we have to stay fit while eating desserts we can use some of these tricks while baking or preparing our dish.

Weekly consumption of desserts

Be focussed on which day the dessert is going to be consumed. If it is on Sunday then we will be bound to wait till Sunday for the sweets. In this way, we won’t have to burn those extra calories through hard exercises and diet control. Thus, keeping control of our temptations will keep us satiated and we would try to switch on other means for quenching our sweet tooth. Finding results of our weight control will encourage us to follow the weekly routine for our desserts, and hence we can shred a few pounds every two-three weeks, which results in staying fit while eating desserts.

Eat Desserts after having veggies

Eating salads and sprouts is a good choice as they are rich in fiber, and also keeps us full. Salads and Sprouts help in digesting sweets easily. This makes consumption of any food less. The fiber present in sprouts affects our insulin increase and checks the transport of sugar in the blood. Green food is ideal for our health.

Let special occasions decide your dessert

Choosing special occasions for desserts will let us skip regular desserts in our home. Treats in offices, is a time we like to indulge, well skipping regular desserts while having some times can prove healthier for us. Exchange of gifts, and receiving sweets doesn’t mean we have to consume them. If we are to remind ourselves of that extra fat-burning exercise we can ignore the desserts. Every party is loaded with a sweet dish, but instead of sweets, we can switch to fruits or fruit juices. The choice is ours.

Morning weight lifting is better

Syracuse University’s study suggests that often weightlifting reduces high sugar effects on blood glucose by 15 %. The energy used by exercises reduces our stored glucose. The blood sugar levels get automatically reduced when the extra glucose stored in our body goes to our muscles. This way we can stay fit while eating desserts.

Say no to granola bars

The effects of having popular energy bars are different. Having a fruit pie is good option than a bar full of sugar. Granola bars are full of sugar and we need to check while having those bars. There are other energy bars too which can prove better. If we compare the effects of white bread, blood-glucose levels were 71% reduced after an Atkins Advantage Bar, just 4% lower after a power bar, and 50% lower after a balance bar.

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