How to Choose and Buy a Fancy Mobile Number With Vi Connectivity?

VI Fancy numbers

The concept behind fancy numbers is not new. Many individuals choose their mobile number according to their anniversary or birth date while others choose them according to their house number or area pin code by offering premium prices. The concept behind fancy numbers is more relevant for mobile phone users because you may not expect anyone to remember your house number but your mobile number for various purposes. A fancy mobile number can be chosen by anyone based on their preferences but the main intention behind it is to add a unique identity as compared to other people around and flaunt them effortlessly. So, why wait? Get your fancy mobile number that matches your birth date, numerology, car number or your lucky number to add it to your assets.

How to Choose Vi Fancy Mobile Number Online?

More recently, Vodafone Idea has been registered under a new name VI which not only provides you with an option to have a fancy/premium number but also make the numbers customised according to your preferences. Moreover, VI numbers come with additional surprises. Let’s see how you can choose a VI fancy mobile number from the VI official website:

  • Go straight to the VI website
  • Enter the area pin code and mobile number. Choose a plan that suits your needs and future requirements.
  • VI will then make a prompt and start searching under their directory to find the best fancy number available for you. Some of the numbers offered by them are free of cost but you may have to pay for others in between 500-2000.
  • Before proceeding, you will have to select the fancy numbers from the available list.
  • Fill in the necessary forms containing users address and other mandatory details.
  • An OTP will be sent by the company to the mobile number entered by you during the registration process.
  • To complete the process and exit, you will have to enter the same OTP.

How is fancy number sought?

Different websites follow different techniques that help to seek a fancy number according to the buyer’s preference. If you enter a lucky number like 7, the total of the mobile number provided to you will be equal to 7. Similarly, if you enter your birth date 13/02/1995, the company will find an appropriate number that has your birth date like 9813021995. Similarly, if your car number or pin code is provided, they may offer you a fancy mobile number containing similar digits.

How to get VI fancy mobile number online?

You may find various fancy mobile number online on This website has a list of fancy mobile numbers available with them. Just go through their list and make a choice which suits your preferences. After selecting the number, you may have to make payments similar to that reflected under the mobile number available and asked by the seller. For a fancy mobile number, sellers usually charge between 1000-3000 INR depending on the number’s features. Though, for some numbers, you may have to pay in lakhs.

When the amount is paid, the seller will provide you with Unique Porting Code, also known as UPC for the selected number along with the purchase invoice. Just visit any nearest telecom operator with the UPC and invoice along with other necessary documents required for a new mobile connection. The telecom shop will provide you with a new VI sim that can be activated within three days.

Although having a fancy mobile number sounds very exciting, I would always advise you to select genuine stores and sellers online. So, the moment you decide to buy a fancy mobile number, do make necessary checks including who calls you for the fancy mobile number ownership. Try your luck to find a good fancy mobile number on which you can depend on for future endeavours!

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