How to Avoid buying fake Health Supplements?

Probably, you must have bought some or the other kind of health supplements in the form of herbs, vitamins or probiotics through physical or online stores. Health supplements are usually bought under two cases, either it is prescribed by a health physician or if you are a health-conscious person and rely on them.

But, how can you be sure if you are buying the real thing, particularly from an online store? More recently, one of the biggest tech giants, Amazon alerted one of the customers who bought Align nutritional supplements from a seller. The product was like a counterfeit and the customers were urged to stop using them.

Although Align itself is a Procter and Gamble product, a third party seller was selling its fake supplements on Amazon. Subsequently, Amazon pulled the product and now sells only those supplements which are sold by licenced merchants.

As we all know that health supplements are subject to rigorous tests and government regulations, few companies try to sell their fake products to make money. Therefore, we suggest you avoid buying fake health supplements and consider buying from verified dealers only whether they sell online or through physical stores.

What are health supplements?

A health supplement contains special dietary ingredients and is ingested by us. Health supplements can also be defined as mineral, vitamin or it can be botanical that provides you with special health benefits. They are different from pharmaceuticals although many people consider them as a drug. Rather, health supplements must be taken as food since they complete those requirements which do not get fulfilled by daily food intake.

Consequences of buying fake health supplements

Although health supplements cannot be counterfeited like other products such as electronics or apparel, their consequences can be terrible. For instance, if you buy a counterfeit mobile, it may not provide you with appropriate mobile functions and is a real money waste product. However, buying a fake health supplement can cause serious health risks.

In the beginning stages, fake health supplements may not work at all. Gradually, some fake supplements can include hidden ingredients that may cause some very serious health issues or even deaths. Some allergens such as shellfish and peanuts can be found in counterfeit minerals and vitamins which causes negative health issues as well.

Steps to avoid buying fake health supplements

Check brand logo

Genuine health supplements suppliers have to attain the necessary licence to sell health supplements since they never compromise with their brand name. Therefore, we suggest you skip any middleman when purchasing health supplements as they provide you with adulterated products to make quick money. Worldwide, many health supplement distributors are allowed to sell them with a valid license only. The license sticker is placed on the health supplements package that provides us with necessary details such as import data, manufacturing time and rate.

Check product seal

Seals are meant so that products are safeguarded as well as describe its genuinely itself. If you have brought any health supplement that carries no seal in it, it can be counterfeit. Therefore, always check the inner lid that has the company’s name endorsed and if you do not find any such thing, do not buy them at all. Always look if the seal is of high quality and smooth rather than tapered with hands. 

Water check

To test if the health supplement bought by you is fake or not, dissolve a scoop of it in room-temperature water. Shake the blend well or with the help of a shaker. If you see any lump floating on water or any residue sits at the bottom of the glass, probably this is because your product is fake. A genuine health supplement dissolves in water completely and provides a uniform mix.

Taste and smell check

After the product passes through a water check, taste a bit of it before consuming it in bulk. If the product tastes bad or is too sweet, it can be fake and you must avoid buying it. Similarly, fake health supplement smells bad and pungent and thus they can be easily recognized.

The QR code test

Last but not least is QR code or Bar-code check to find product genuineness. The QR code provides us with every necessary detail regarding the product through a specified URL. Download a QR scanner on your smartphone and do get details of the product if you want to avoid buying fake health supplements.

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