How Adult Apps Like Dating Apps Have Adapted to Ongoing Pandemic

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The pandemic has indeed changed and challenged the way people date and hook up. The stay-at-home protocols and governmental restrictions have resulted in a critical shift towards online dating. With such a shift, many Adult Apps like online dating apps have increased in numbers since more people have started spending their time in dating apps.

 A survey made by Tinder found 11% more swipes and 42% increased matches since 2020 making it one of the busiest apps of the year. Thus, we must always acknowledge the way Adult Apps like intimate games and dating apps have evolved and adapted to ongoing pandemics so that we can enjoy our love life seamlessly.

How have dating apps adapted to the pandemic?

The new technology is changing everyday work routines including our relationship status and dating style. Since lockdown, we have noticed a remarkable change in love life and dating which has hampered our mental health and wellbeing significantly. However, ones who have joined online dating community finds online dating apps to be more convenient and intriguing than it was before the pandemic. Three primary contributions made by dating apps include

Health communication

In almost every dating apps, a pop-up message regarding health status has made users contended with the fact that their partners are safe and can be dated online. For example, Bumble sent users private messages while Tinder made public announcements through swipe screens.

A recipe to eliminate isolation and loneliness from life

Dating apps not just fostered our community building style but also addressed a feeling of fear and isolation due to pandemics. Some of the adult apps such as HER, Grindr and Coffee Meet Bagel organised various online events, dating advice sessions along with speed dating to ensure users remain engaged with their partners.

Making video calls and virtual dating a new normal

The end of the pandemic is unknown and hence many of the dating apps have unlocked or developed a new feature that facilitates virtual dating. Meeting your partner virtually through apps can also involve various online activities along with exchanges that could otherwise are possible only in physical meetings. Various sites collaborated with meal apps to share face-to-face dining experiences while the adjustable lighting effects added magic to the romantic date.

What do users seek from a dating app- Intimacy or friendship?

A large number of dating apps have indeed helped users in finding their correct partner on their terms. They are now enjoying a healthy and compatible relationship with desired respect and commitment. While an average human being spends most of his/her time working online for hours, adult apps like dating apps have become one key place where they connect with novice people each day who can build interest outside the work realm.

Many of the online daters have also revealed their views regarding getting something serious amidst the pandemic. A recent survey made by OkCupid found that more than 80% of the users using the OkCupid app look for a steady partner after a pandemic rather than an intimacy-based relationship. Only a quarter reported that they changed their mind due to the pandemic experience. All the data collected also show that users want to settle down once they have decided with their online partners.

Hinge users, on the other side, reported that 75% of the users seek a serious relationship than a casual fling. Since the world is opening slowly, many people predict a dry summer. But in Hinge, it is found that people shared with their partners about important things in their lives to become honest and serious. Similarly, Bumble users today do not want to compromise on what they seek and desire from their relationship which is the reason they are being honest to themselves.

6 Things to remember for a healthy dating through dating apps

  1. Always pay attention to the first impression in the world such as dating and work. The best way is to remain as natural and calm as possible making the other person feel as if you are not exhausting yourself to keep up.
  2. Be in touch with those people more who know you and your desires well. You must be aware of your desire and what you look for in a relationship, the kind of partner you seek to date or the expected commitment level. Spend some time alone to figure out before involving more in a relationship.
  3. Be smart and selective while choosing a dating app. Every person has their own culture and may find some apps better than the others to fling. Do thorough research about the app to find out what they offer or whether they can meet your requirements.
  4. Never get attached to a person too quickly just for the sake of filling the emptiness in your life. However, never disregard quickly too. Most importantly, figure out and find yourself by paying attention to your partner’s behaviour and actions.
  5. You may lose interest in a person with time and decide to move on. Though, you should carry on gently so that the other person is not hurt. Know the reasons and how they can be expressed in the best possible way. The movement can be awkward but can save you from potential damage in the long run especially when you are in the same social group or a corporate circle.
  6. Never judge your partner with closed eyes. Acknowledge if anything goes wrong anytime and recognise the manner how you and your partner get things sorted. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, this is the time when you can actually know whether your relationship formed online will work or not.

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