Global brands chasing the Metaverse realm

For those who are unaware, the metaverse is a vision of an always-present digital world in which people may virtually connect to play video games, converse, and participate in professional assignments. With the epidemic, there have been additional restrictions on contacting people face to face which increased the demand for digital replacements.

Furthermore, Facebook’s makeover as Meta has sparked a stampede of corporate investments in the metaverse.  The risk of losing out on the next great technological advancement is prompting many firms to take their initial steps into the metaverse before it is completely formed. Now let us take a glance at some of the most prominent global brands that currently have digital assets in the metaverse.


The South Korean tech company has created a virtual shop for the Samsung 837X on the Ethereum blockchain-based augmented reality platform Decentraland. The digital store is intended to be a virtual representation of Samsung’s actual store in New York. Buyers may use the avatar to tour the store and even earn NFT badges by fulfilling specific activities.


Balenciaga, the luxury fashion brand, has collaborated with Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, to offer garments and clothing to the game. The clothes are intended to allow gamers to represent themselves in a variety of distinct ways. Balenciaga even has retail storefronts that appear on Billboards in Fortnite to highlight the virtual society’s fashion.


In July 2021, Coca-Cola will unveil its own NFT range. The sale brought in $575,000! Coca-Cola has established itself within the metaverse to give its consumers the very same life-like classic and feel-good moments. The corporation held an auction for four multi-sensory NFTs focused on the concept of camaraderie. The auction winner received not only the 4 NFTs but also a real-life fridge loaded with cola bottles and several other presents.


Apparently, the high-end fashion label is also interested in the metaverse. Gucci has teamed with Roblox to offer limited-edition Gucci goods. In May 2021, the fashion brand hosted an event on the Roblox platform that lasted two weeks. People who showed up at the event not only learned about the brand’s vision, elegance, and philosophy, but they also had the opportunity to purchase limited edition products such as unique digital Gucci bags and garments.


The German sportswear manufacturer and Nike rival launched its first non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The firm has purchased a virtual block of land on The Sandbox, a prominent metaverse platform, to exhibit its wares in a digital store.


The fast-food chain dabbled with the metaverse in order to adhere to its principle of never utilising frozen meat. In 2018, Fortnite introduced a digital event called Food Fight on its platform. Participants might either join the Burger squad (Durr Burger) or join the pizza party (Pizza Pit). The burgers utilised in the game, on the other hand, were maintained in artificial freezers. That was against Wendy’s rules, therefore the company used the situation to demonstrate its commitment to utilising fresh beef. Wendy’s launched a full-fledged invasion on the digital freezers without harming any of the other players. The gaming was a webcast on Twitch which raised the brand’s social media mentions by 119%.


In December 2021, the American sports fashion firm bought the digital footwear and accessories brand RTFKT. This deal is expected to assist the company in launching next-generation artifacts in the metaverse and expanding its digital reach. Additionally, Nike has collaborated with Roblox to create its own ‘Nikeland.’ Nikeland is a free gaming exploration platform where users may test on various sports shoes and play sports.


Sports and glamour have already infiltrated the metaverse; now it’s time for the dating world to follow suit! Tinder is in the midst of creating a metaverse platform where individuals may connect through their virtual avatars. It has released a few features, such as ‘Swipe Night’ and ‘Explore.’ Tinder is also claimed to be developing on its own cryptocurrency, Tinder coins, which will be used to encourage certain actions in the virtual dating environment provided by Tinder.

Louis Vuitton

As it enters the metaverse, this prominent fashion brand hopes to profit from the potential of NFTs. Louis Vuitton launched Louis The Game to celebrate its birth – August 4, 1821 – by drawing attention to its rich past using NFTs and in-game advancements. The computer game also features a special character named Vivienne, who was designed to look like Louis Vuitton. Inside the videogame, players may explore the fashion house’s history while collecting monogram candles, that are required to progress to the next level.

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