Essential skills of Amazon AI Assistant Alexa that can make your life easier

Despite increased competition from Google, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa which can be used with the Echo, Dot, Tap, or Show, as well as a variety of other smart home devices presently maintains a monopoly on the market. And by the second, this “smart” technology is becoming ever smarter. It’s quite amazing what one can do from the comfort of one’s sofa with only one’s voice. If you were fortunate enough to receive an Alexa-enabled device, now is the time to take it out of the box and put it to work making your life simpler.

Find your phone

When you can merely ask Alexa to find your missing phone at home, there’s no need to turn over sofa cushions or dig under the bed. We all forget our phones around the house at some time, but you don’t need a physical tracker connected to it to find it. With Alexa’s Find My Phone skill, you can trace it down. You must first link your phone with the talent in the Amazon Alexa app before you can use the useful skill. After that, you may tell Alexa to “locate my phone” and she will dial your phone. Just make sure your phone is set to loud (or at the very least vibrate) so you can hear it buzz. Multiple phone numbers are supported by this talent. “Alexa, ask Find My Phone to add another number,” you can say.

Call an Uber

Normally, you’d use the Uber app on your phone to request a ride, but you don’t have to since Alexa can do it for you. You may say things like “Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride” or “Alexa, summon me an Uber X from work” while using the Uber ability. Do you want to enhance your vehicle? When you say, “Alexa, ask Uber to order an Uber Black,” she can handle it as well.

Take Command of Your Smart Devices

After you’ve connected your smart gadgets (such as your TV), you may use Alexa to control them. You may use it to switch on the television, start Netflix, change the channel, and so forth. Smart home appliances, automobiles, phones, and other products from companies like Ford, Hyundai, and LG have also been released that can interact with Alexa to make your life easier. You can even track information about your car with the Automatic car adaptor, such as how much you drove and when you’ll need petrol.

Order a pizza

Are you running low on food or need a fast family meal? When you enable the Domino’s skill, Alexa may order a pizza and have it delivered directly to your front door. You must first link your Domino’s account information in the Amazon Alexa app before you can place an order. To get started, simply, “Alexa, open Domino’s,” and she’ll assist you in placing your order. Alexa can also follow the status of your pizza so you know when it will arrive.

Manage workouts

Alexa makes it simple to keep track of your exercises and nutrition. Other fitness-tracker experts are expected to follow suit, as the service talks with your associated Fitbit account to keep track of your workout success. You can use Alexa to keep track of your daily dietary goals and conduct a fast exercise at the drop of a hat thanks to specialised abilities.

Call a friend

You could make hands-free calls with your wireless headphones, but your Echo speaker is also a terrific way to connect with friends and family. Nevertheless, you must first validate your phone number and sync your contacts in the Amazon Alexa app before you can make a call.  Just say “Alexa, call [abc],” to make a call. Say  “Alexa, hang up,”  to stop the call.

Check the road traffic

Go to Settings > Alexa Preferences > Traffic in the Amazon Alexa app. This is where you may enter your home location (or any other beginning point) followed by your destination address, such as work. You can also include a stop in your itinerary. Are you curious as to how long it will take? “Alexa, tell me about my commute” or “Alexa, tell me about the traffic right now,” and she’ll tell you.

Track your bank accounts and investments

You won’t have to make any effort to keep track of your investments and bank accounts. Alexa already has a remarkable range of tracking and management options from Capital One, including the ability to track credit card transactions and check account balances. You can even pay your credit card bills and vehicle loans online. Several talents, including an easy-to-use skill from the most recent magazine, can capture today’s business headlines or a fast stock quote.

Take a language course

It takes time to learn a new language, but Alexa can help you practise at any time of day. You may brush up on your foreign language skills or learn a new language while preparing dinner. SayHi breaks down conversations into classes that steadily rise in complexity in the preferred language, European, Deutsch, or Swedish. “Alexa, ask SayHi to learn Spanish,” or “Alexa, open SayHi,” are some examples of questions you may ask.

Be your private shopper

You’re certainly aware that Alexa can make shopping lists for you, but did you realise she can also place orders for you? You may ask Alexa to take care of anything you need, whether it’s buying gifts or restocking your supply of toilet paper or munchies. “Alexa, order [item],” you may say to your Echo speaker if you know exactly what you’re searching for. She’ll go through your Amazon previous orders for the proper item and add it to your basket.

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