Eja Lange- All You Need to Know About Shaina Twain’s Son

Eja Lange

Eja Lange is well-known as singer Shania Twain’s son. He was born on August 12, 2001, in Ontario, Canada, and as of 2023, he will be 22 years old. Eja’s father is producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange; he is no longer married to his mother. The initials E for Eilleen (Twain’s true name) and J for John (Lange’s real name) are combined to form Eja Lange. The name, pronounced “Asia,” is original and imaginative and embodies the personality of his parents.

Canadian singer-songwriter Eilleen Regina “Shania” Twain was born on August 28, 1965. She is also an actress. She is the best-selling female performer in country music history and one of the finest musicians, with over 100 million records sold. Her popularity led to her being dubbed the “Queen of Country Pop,” among other titles. She was ranked first among the country-pop crossover stars of the 1990s by Billboard.

The only child Robert John “Mutt” Lange and Shania Twain had together, Eja Lange is undoubtedly his mother’s favorite. In addition to being her son, he was also her savior during the tough divorce process. The now-21-year-old is reportedly following in his parent’s footsteps. Yet unlike his mother Shania, he prefers to remain unnoticed. Eja wanted to pursue a career in music. Still, in a 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight, he revealed that he wasn’t particularly into the spotlight and performing on stage but enjoyed the creative process.

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Shania Twain’s Life after Eja Lange’s Birth

“Of course, my priorities have shifted”, Shania quoted in a 2002 interview with the CBC, which pronounced that he’s her focus every day. He has been the source of love in her life. 

The singer of “You’re Still The One” and her then-husband had relocated to Switzerland because she thought she could give her son a typical upbringing there. She stated in 2007: “I would like him to be well-rounded, humble, and honest without needing to be deprived of developing that character. ” We make an effort to maintain his gratitude. We don’t keep him in a bubble. The singer welcomed son Eja D’Angelo Lange, 21, on August 12, 2001, with her then-husband Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange. 

When her spouse had an affair with her friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud, Twain and Lange divorced in 2008. After their divorce, the singer gave Eja her whole attention. She said in a letter from 2009, “As you are aware, I am a mother, and I put all of my efforts into ensuring that my son is content and healthy in every way”.

However, Frédéric Thiébaud, Marie-ex-husband, Anne, and Twain fell in love and married in 2011. She noted that he had been Eja, and I was the most dependable friend and supporter in 2010. He knows me more than anyone else since he experienced the pain of his family dissolving in the same era and under the same trying circumstances. 

Childhood Life

When Eja was a baby, his mother, a country music artist, would sing to him. In an interview with Tony Danza from 2005, Twain shared the son’s lullaby. “Please count to one, two, and three, Eja D. Is anyone as wonderful as my Eja D?” she crooned. Twain revealed that Eja, then 6 years old, liked to assist in the kitchen in 2007. “He enjoys cooking already. Although he doesn’t want it, he will tidy up his toys,” She spoke. Eja is a musician, just like his Grammy-winning parents – Twain and Lange both have five Grammys for songwriting and performing, while Twain has five for songwriting and production.

He works quite hard and is highly devoted. Watching him make music is entertaining because of his insane passion for it. The mother-son team has also worked together in the studio. In 2021, Twain discussed her “very musical” child on Live with Kelly and Ryan. She remarked that they occasionally enter the studio together when it comes to writing and producing, and sharing ideas.

Professional Life

A few years later, Twain disclosed that Eja had begun producing his music and was a highly committed, passionate, and diligent worker. She continued by saying that it was amusing to see him at work and that she and her son both compose songs simultaneously. They frequently texted each other to swap positions and feedback while She was in her room and he was in his.

He had no desire to reside in either of his parents’ shadows, though, like any musician born to two gifted parents. To help him find his voice, Eja has been exposed to different music. Hans Zimmer is one of Twain’s major heroes, and he admitted that he listens to EDM as a fan. Eja hasn’t changed her preference for performing; she still prefers songwriting. Eja lacks his mother’s extrovert demeanor and is media-shy. His mother also firmly believes that his best career would be as a maker. We are still waiting for Eja Lange’s name to appear in a song credit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the wealth of Eja Lange?

By 2022, Eja Lange’s net worth will be $550,000. It is very likely that his mother, who is thought to be worth $400 million, is the source of most of his wealth.

  1. What is Eja Lange’s age?

Eja Lange, Shania Twain’s kid, rarely receives attention, and that has always been the case. Although he is older than 22, not much is known about him. 

  1. What does Eja do for a living?

Eja is interested in music, just like Shania Twain, but she prefers to stay out of the spotlight. He primarily writes songs and enjoys the creative process.

  1. Who is Eja Lange’s parents?

Eja Lange is blessed with amazing parents. His mother is a Canadian singer named Shania Twain, and his father is a singer, record producer, and songwriter, etc., named Robert John Lange. 

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