All Things You Didn’t Know About Luke Bracey

Luke Bracey

Are you still not aware of this Aussie hottie Luke Bracey? Well! If you are not then it is likely a matter of time before you do so. Previously, he did roles including David Mason from The November Man, Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Riley from Monte Carlo, Jamie Caplan in Little Fires Everywhere, and Johnny Utah from the Point Break remake. And in recent times, he starred alongside Emma Roberts in Netflix’s Holidate. Trust me, with a smile and face like Luke, a career that involves staying in front of the camera is inevitable.

Luke is in fact, a very talented actor who shows and proves his ability to keep viewers as well as audiences entertained. Let us talk about All Things You Didn’t Know About Luke Bracey and it will help you to know him better if you are interested. (You know what I mean!)

1. He’s Honoured To Be Seen As A Sex Symbol

Luke is grateful for all of the opportunities he’s gotten so far in his acting career. In fact, he is not even upset with the label of a sex symbol. Moreover, there are a few actors for whom such designation might be frustrating as they feel it will take away from their real skill as well as limit their capability to get more serious roles. But, but, but… Luke doesn’t mind it at all.

2. Luke is From Australia

I know for sure the American viewers have just assumed Luke is an American but to your surprise, he is originally from Australia. Afterward, he has relocated to the United States when he was only twenty years old just to pursue his acting career.

And during that time, there were several people in his life who might have thought him to be a crazy person making a crazy decision. However, it has really worked in his favor.

3. He Was In Little Fires Everywhere

Are you a fan of the Hulu mini series, Little Fires Everywhere? If yes, then Luke may look a little familiar to you. In fact, he played the role of Jamie Caplan and Elena’s old boyfriend who she secretly snuck off to visit. In the entire series, Luke was seen clean shaven and his hair was different than how he typically styles it. But with his handsome face, he still stole the show.

4. Bracey Is Not Very Active On Social Media

Social media has become the perfect platform for people who are having the talent to showcase how good they can act or how good they look in front of the camera. However, it looks like Luke isn’t feeding into any of that. But, he is having accounts on Twitter as well as Instagram, he isn’t very active on either of the social media platforms.

5. He Loves Buying Cologne

Everybody has that one thing that they don’t mind splurging on and for Luke that thing is fragrance. During an interview with the Buro 247, he said: “I love the smell, it’s the one luxury item I would treat myself to. I love the idea of it adding to peoples’ lives; and adding to their confidence. It doesn’t change who you are as a person, it allows you to be who you are. ”

6. Luke Didn’t Always Want To Be An Actor

The acting was actually not something that was in Luke’s mind while he was growing up. However, instead of that, he had some other plans for his future. In fact, in Interview Magazine, he told: “I thought I’d be a professional rugby player or go to university and get some degree in construction, just so I’d have something to fall back on.”

And after being cast in an Australian soap opera, Luke knew he had found his true calling.

7. He Worked With Selena Gomez

Luke isn’t a big name in the industry yet, but he has already got to work with some of the biggies. Yes! In his very first movie, he got the role where he was supposed to act right opposite Selena Gomez. The name of the movie is Monte Carlo. And during that time, Selena was around 17 years old but Luke was pretty impressed by how well she could handle all the pressure of a busy schedule and still be in the spotlight.

8. Forrest Gump Is One Of His Favourite Movies

Since the release of the movie Forrest Gump in the year 1994, it has been dubbed a timeless classic. In fact, Luke grew up watching the movie, and still, he considers it to be one of the most favorite. And if you ask which movie he can watch over and over again without getting bored or tired, then this is probably that one movie.

9. He Grew Up Playing Sports

Luke is always a very active person and in childhood, he was more active than ever. While giving an interview to the Interview Magazine he shared, “I was really into sports and really into surfing and the beach. I was very active. I remember seeing Gladiator when I was 10 and being blown away by it. ”

10. Luke is an Optimistic Person

As we all know being positive is easier said than done. There is always something bad going on in the world and it makes thing easy to see the negative side of things. But, Luke likes to think of himself as someone who sees the glass as being half full but still has a lot of faith in humanity.

11. Hollywood Lifestyle Doesn’t Appeal to Him

Though he has spent much of his time in LA, Luke is not at all in what we call the LA nightlife. He further said in an interview that “I like hanging out with my friends and family, and keeping it quiet, and so I was lucky that I didn’t have that really need to go out and live a Hollywood, LA life,” he told Buro 24/7 during a December 2017 interview. “

12. He is a Daredevil

Luke grew up playing sports and surfing as well and hence, he loves taking on his own stunts in movies. And then part of what drew him to the role of Johnny Utah in Point Break was that he got the chance to train at rock climbing as well as wing suiting.

In December 2015, he explained to The Fresno Bee that, “the physical side of the movie is what drew me to it”. He further added to his statement: “I grew up surfing and snowboarding and skateboarding, so it is something that is very close to me. I wanted to do everything I could do until the pros took over.”

13. Luke is Often Mistaken for a Hemsworth Brother

Well! Luke might share an Australian accent with the Hemsworth brothers, but oh wait, he is not at all related even though people constantly ask Luke if he is a Hemsworth. “It’s funny, [because] when people come up and go, ‘Oh, hi there. Can I have a photograph?’ I always want to say, ‘You know I’m not Hemsworth, right?’ Kind of like, ‘Do you know who I am?'” Luke joked to Buro 24/7. “

He further added-  “I don’t just say it because maybe I’d just give them a good story. And I’m flattered because Chris is like 6’5. Like, massive. And they’re all good boys as well. We’ve got the same management here in Australia and they’re all great blokes.”

14. Is Luke Bracey Dating Olympia Valance Still?

Previously, Luke Bracey dated the very pretty Australian actress Olympia Valance in the year 2019 to be specific. And Olympia even confirmed their romance, gushing over the actor in an interview with The Herald Sun. She said that “We are very happy.” They are no longer together.”

15. Wife Of Luke Bracey Or Girlfriend

Luke Bracey is currently single and not married or neither having a wife. However, he has been dating a lot of reputed models and actresses. And in the year 2019, he was seen kissing a Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez in public but the two stars never announced that they were girlfriend and boyfriend. In fact, it seems that they have parted ways since.

So these are the top 15 facts about the very famous, hot, and handsome Luke Bracey that might interest you. If you secretly admire him, then you can’t afford to miss out on checking all these really interesting facts about Luke.

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