Adonis Graham: 4 Things To Know About Drake’s Son

Adonis Graham

Adonis Graham went viral for his cute appearance on his mother’s Instagram post. Not only is he looking more and more like his famous dad Drake, but he is growing up in the spotlight just like his dad! 

Adonis Graham: 4 Quick Things To Keep Up With Drake’s Son! 

1. Adonis Graham’s name was first uttered in 2018 amidst his father’s feud with Pusha T:

Rumors that Drake had secretly fathered a child with a model went viral in Pusha T’s 2018 diss track, The Story Of Adidon.

Drake received the news that Adonis was his son around March 14. And on his June 2018 album, Scorpion, the rapper eventually publicly announced that he was in fact the dad of Adonis who was nearly a year old by that time. Drake had previously been keeping the news private due to the process of paternity tests, and to protect his son’s privacy against harsh media. 

This can be proven because the rapper rapped about the story of his relationship with Brussaux, hoping that they can be good co-parents.

In another song on the album, Emotionless, Drake rapped: “I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world / I was hidin’ the world from my kid.”

Clearly, the protective dad said this is why Adonis was kept out of the limelight for so long.

2. Adonis Graham grows up in the public eye:

While initially, Drake was afraid to bring Adonis into the public eye, DRAKE broke the internet back in March 2020 when he posted photos of Adonis Graham for the first time, which included pictures of Adonis and Drake’s parents.

The rapper is currently one proud papa.

These days the three-year-old has made many appearances on stage with his famous father at the Billboard Music Awards Awards in May 2021 and sweetly clung to his dad’s leg as he took in the massive crowd at the award show. Did you notice the sweet blonde-haired kid? While Drake accepted the award for Artist of the Decade at the event, Adonis stole the show!

Another appearance he’s made publicly was when Drake also brought Adonis to attend an NBA playoffs game in early June 2021. The toddler donned a Lakers jersey as he headed into the arena, excited, and seemingly very into basketball just like his dad. 

Adonis Graham is also front and center on his mom, Sophie Brussaux’s Instagram page every so often. The latest most cutest photo was  Adonis snuggled up to his mom, with his curly blonde hair on full display. Even though he’s just a toddler, Adonis already seems to be beyond adorable thanks to his  locks being styled with two cornrow braids in the front.

3. This year Adonis Graham turned four:

The toddler’s mom, Sophie Brussaux, shared birthday photos over the years and Drake’s birthday posts for his son have also melted our hearts. 

Drake’s son Adonis Graham was born on 11 October 2017 and his middle name is ‘Mahbed’. His name sounds like the lyrics: “I only love my bed and my mama”, some fans speculate is a reference to Drake’s hit God’s Plan. 

4. Adonis Graham lives in a $100 million mansion with his dad:

The four year old lives with his mother Sophie Brussaux in Paris, France, but his dad the 34-year-old rapper also has a property in California despite being originally from Toronto, Canada. 

In this house, the toddler has been seen expertly dribbling a basketball on the court while practicing and his father also shared several videos of him showing off his hoops skills on social media.

It is assumed the kid splits his time between the two and Drake visits from time to time in his private jet.

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