Jason Bateman and Wife Amanda Anka’s Relationship Timeline

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Actress Amanda Anka has established a prosperous career for herself in the movie industry. On December 10, 1968, Amanda Anka was born in New York City, New York, in the United States. She is indeed an actress and producer best known for her roles in Taxi (2004), Lost Highway (1997), as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992). 

Read this article to know more about her partner, biography, career, and much more.

Married Life

Since July 3, 2001, she has been married to Jason Bateman. They have two kids. Jason Bateman has emerged to be among the most famous actors in film and television because of his performances in Ozark, Arrested Development, and Horrible Bosses. Anka and Bateman are both equally smitten with one another. 

Bateman thanked his wife and their two children, Franny and Maple, in his acceptance speech when he received a SAG Award in 2019 for his work in Ozark. He said that, without her, none of it would be pleasurable and it would not be possible, and that he loves her more than he can tell her he does. 

Bateman received again another SAG Award in February 2023 for his performance in Ozark. He gave thanks to Anka plus their two daughters from behind the winner’s podium. He also said that he is grateful to his wife Amanda and his two domestic children, Maple and Francesca, who helped him feel like a good father even though he travels for six months out of the year. Compared to him, they are better performers.

Her father is Paul Anka, a well-known singer

Paul Anka, Anka’s father, is a well-known Canadian musician who had success in the 1950s with songs including “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” as well as “Puppy Love”. 

It seems like Bateman’s father is delighted to be his new husband of Anka. Bateman is the “performer in the family,” he said in an interview with ET Canada in 2011. He continued by saying that his daughter would love him and that he was a very smart boy. 

She made quite a few movie and TV appearances 

Although Bateman currently is an actor in the Anka family, his wife has also worked as a model and actress. 

Anka played small parts in several well-known TV shows throughout the 1990s and the early 2000s. In the 1992 movie adaptation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she portrayed a vampire. She also had minor supporting appearances on Bones, Beverly Hills, 90210, ER, Renegade, Beverly Hills 90210, and The Fosters. For The Greatest Event in Television History, she lent her voice for around two years. 

She had co-produced AppleTV+’s The Morning Show

Anka continued to work in the television and movie industries despite appearing to take a break from acting. She started her first production in 2019 with The Morning Show on AppleTV+. The show’s stars Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston were also producers. 

She first met Bateman in her teens

When Anka and Bateman first met, they were both about 18 or 19 years old and attending a Los Angeles Kings game. Although they later became friends, they did not start as a couple. 

Anka, referring to Bateman’s party-heavy lifestyle at the time, told GQ that the actor simply was not into where he was at. In the end, Bateman’s struggles with alcohol and drugs in his 20s cost him career prospects. 

Bateman subsequently recalled that he tried to regain his position in the industry at the close of the ’90s but did not receive many positive answers because he had stayed at the party for a little too long but also thought it was fun.

Anka and Bateman started dating in 1998

Before starting to date, the couple remained friends for ten years after they first met in 1987. Anka and Bateman began dating in the year 1998, almost 10 years after they initially met, according to a 2006 PEOPLE article. 

Three years later, in 2001, in Malibu, the pair got hitched. They moved in with Justine Bateman, Bateman’s sister, in a house in Los Angeles. After their wedding, the pair have been doing well and there have been no reports of a divorce, a split, or any other personal problems.


Francesca (Franny) Nora and Maple Sylvie are the couple’s two children. Francesca, who is their elder daughter, came to the world on October 2006 in Los Angeles. Anka and Bateman delivered their second child, another daughter, Maple, on February 10, 2012, six years later. There is no doubt that Maple is in elementary school whereas Francesca is a high school student.

Social Life

It is hardly unexpected that Bateman and his wife have such a star-studded circle of pals given that they have collaborated on multiple projects with other Hollywood A-listers. 

Along with their close friend Aniston plus her ex-husband Justin Theroux, Anka and Bateman had a vacation to Mexico in 2017. They were photographed at Disneyland along with Sandra Bullock the next year together with their kids. 

Aniston, Chris Pine, and Jimmy Kimmel joined Anka to celebrate her 53rd birthday in 2022. 

Anka and Bateman share a friendship-based relationship

There has been a long history between Anka and Bateman. The connections he used to have with his friends were the ones that lasted the longest in his life, according to Bateman when questioned about what their secret was. He made this statement to The Daily Telegraph. 

Bateman said he felt at ease with Anka since she was already a good friend. You could be with close pals no matter how you’re feeling, he added. 

It feels so natural since Amanda is a fantastic friend, he said, and it keeps getting better with the passing year. 

Net Worth

As a successful actress who is in the entertainment industry, Amanda Anka has accumulated a substantial net worth. Anka’s net worth is projected to reach $500,000 as of 2022. For our information, she has starred in several popular movies, including Taxi and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, both of which have earned hundreds of millions of dollars just at the box office ($71,255,003 internationally as well as 16,624,456 globally, respectively). 

She makes about $80,000 a year as an actor. The average annual salary for American actresses is $56,000. In addition to her wealth and earnings, her husband Jason is worth 30 million dollars, which is on par with A-list actors like Tom Hardy.

Because of his remarkable acting career, as well as that of director, plus producer, he was able to accumulate this considerable fortune. Given the amount of money, Amanda and Jason must be enjoying life to the fullest with their two kids.

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