8 Crypto Research Tools for a Hassle-Free Crypto Trading

As the years are passing by, cryptocurrencies are becoming an inevitable part of investors live. More than thousands of cryptos are been traded each day worth billions of figures. As the figure rise or decrease, there is someone who is making a fortune out of crypto. Just like cryptocurrency gained its popularity and potential so has issues related to it which makes it necessary for new and existing traders to be more cautious while trading. Below we have presented a few crypto research tools for hassle-free crypto trading.

1.  Messari

Messari can be described as a crypto data aggregator that has various crypto research tools to analyse charts. This can potentially help you while trading or making a decision regarding buying and selling. You can view all the coin metrics in a single window with the help of a screener such as liquid market cap, trading volume and price. You can even have a glimpse at hidden gems that can be added to the portfolio by using customised features of Messari. The best part is Messari is free for crypto traders. However, you will have to pay $25 a month for its advanced and premium feature access.

2. Glassnode

An on-chain data and intelligence platform Glassnode offers various insights and metrics related to crypto coins. You can unchain the market trend of any coin with the help of this crypto research tool besides getting data that can assist you in analysing exchange outflow or inflow of various coins. What is occurring in the crypto market can be analysed with Glassnode’s new and active address views. For more features, you will have to purchase its premium feature.

3. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is probably one of the best and largest data aggregator platforms that track coin prices by market cap. In CoinGecko, you can get live coin prices which are changed constantly over 450 exchanges. Besides measuring and tracking coins and tokens by market cap along with finding trading volume, this crypto research tool will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the entire cryptocurrency market.

4. CoinMarketCal

As we all know that crypto market is accelerating the economy at an astonishing speed, it becomes impossible for humans to track down every live event related to crypto. This makes it necessary for using a crypto research tool that can provide us with real-time information about the crypto market. CoinMarketCal is one of the cryptocurrency calendars which will update your knowledge about any upcoming event related to different coins. The platform not just informs you about the event but also provides evidence-based and community-driven info. If you feel that any upcoming event can affect your coin price, simply search the platform with few clicks and see the listed events and their impacts on the coin.

5. Coin Dance

Coin Dance is one of the heavy data research tools for cryptocurrencies that you must surely check. The platform analyses every form of metrics, network nodes, block size, harsh rates and mining breakdowns. You can verify data according to country and visualize how crypto might work globally. With this crypto research tool, you can view top-level stats also that includes blockchain, market cap, search volume and demographics. Since Coin Dance is a community-driven platform, users are allowed to vote regarding the information provided.

6. CryptoMiso

It is highly recommended that you must never invest in a crypto coin unless you check its development over time. Since crypto coins are based on software protocols, they can die if not developed and improved timely. Thus, keeping track of crypto development becomes quite essential and CryptoMiso can help you in the same. This crypto research tool ranks cryptos according to their activity and popularity. For instance, Bitcoin is ranked fifth most of the time according to its platform development score.

7. LunarCrush

LunarCrush is one of the social media analyses and a reliable tool in the crypto industry. As social trends impact the crypto market and price, keeping up with social media news becomes equally important. This is where LunarCrush might be a help. This AI-driven platform works with machine learning to collect data about cryptocurrencies from social media. It reports the same through statistical data by linking coin popularity links, Google Search volume and more. You can use the information to decide between crypto buying or selling more confidently. Moreover, LunarCrush is free for now so, grab what it offers to make the best decisions while trading cryptocurrencies.

8. Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is one of the crypto research tools that provide users with financial insights, indexes, market information and analysis tools that can assist you while deciding upon a crypto coin. The platform provides you with access to more than a hundred assets along with three hundred metrics so that you can analyse every chart and observe market trends keenly. After completing analyses and adding metrics to the charts, you can download the same in various extensions.

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